New Ideas in Adult Day Care

Adult day care, also known as adult day services (ADS), is becoming an increasingly popular way of caring for seniors. Here’s what you need to know about this method of care, and how it can benefit you and your loved one. 

What are ADS? 

ADS are centers that provide seniors with personalized therapeutic, social, and health services for a portion of the day. They can help families get a break from the demands of being a caregiver while seniors enjoy a fun program of professional and compassionate services in an inclusive community. 

There are approximately 5,685 adult day care programs currently in the US. The goal of these programs is to delay or prevent the institutionalization of seniors by providing alternate care options, building up self-esteem, and fostering socialization.

New Models

Amidst the rise of ADS, some companies are taking advantage of this trend by updating the model to fit the needs and desires of the newest generation of seniors. Recently, a new concept of ADS centers called Town Square has been developed by Peter Ross, CEO of Senior Helpers. 

These centers replicate scenes from the 1950s, with dozens of stations that are recreated to look like movie theaters, diners, hair salons, and more. The centers can help seniors dealing with dementia, or those who wish to improve their memory and cognitive health. This option is also more financially affordable, costing half of what clients typically pay for in-home care. 

Innovation Senior Management & ADS

Founder and CEO of Innovation Senior Management (ISM), Pilar Carvajal sees the enormous potential in these services and is focused on building them up and integrating them into all of their assisted living communities. 

Carvajal believes that these services could also act as a feeder for future assisted living or memory care services, and a way to build trust in the community. ISM wants to make a big impact by creating a more sophisticated version of adult day services. 

Take Advantage of the Opportunity

Many baby boomers just aren’t attracted to the current model of ADS that currently exist, so part of that impact is to find something that will attract them. 

Carvajal shared with Senior Housing News, “I think it has a massive branding problem…who wants to go to an ‘adult day care?’ We’re thinking about terminology.” The overall model needs an entire shift because Carvajal says too often these day centers are just large rooms with basic services.

With much of the industry trying to reach the sizable middle market of US seniors, Carvajal says that the senior living providers who don’t listen to these emerging trends could miss out on opportunities that are ripe for the picking.

The two main benefits you could receive from getting into this line of business are new referral sources and another revenue stream. Some providers, including ISM, who have followed this trend, are already reaping the benefits of offering ADS. “[Adult day services are the] icing on the cake as far as I’m concerned,” Carvajal told Senior Housing News, “It makes a whole lot of sense.”

Thinking about what the future holds for our communities presents a distinct opportunity for senior living developers, investors, and brokers. Give our team a call at (800) 425-9914 today or visit us online to see how you can incorporate ADS into your programs and improve the lives of seniors in your area.

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